Headshot sessions and packages

A great headshot can will help you stand out from the crowd. Whether if it's for an acting, business or just a social media profile picture, a great headshot will help you stand out from the crowd. 


Each Headshot session includes the following

- A wardrobe consultation
- An online gallery link to review your images
- Each package comes with a certain amount of retouched images per look

Headshot sessions start at $250



"What do you mean by a look?"

A look can basically be described as an outfit / location change. For most business headshots, only one look is needed. For model and actor headshots, you'll want a variety of looks. This can range from a theatrical, commercial and style look. 

"Do you include hair and makeup in your packages?"

Hair and makeup is suggested for all Headshot sessions. However, it's only required for female modeling and acting headshot sessions. This helps provide the best outcome for your images. We have a list of stylists that we recommend and will book for your session. 

"I'm looking for business headshots, can you come to my office for this?"

Yes, we'll travel to your office for on location headshots. If you're looking for an environmental headshot we can do that as well. On location headshot sessions may incur a travel & location fee, depending on certain circumstances.